Empower teams. Reduce cost.
Orbit enables decentralized work at scale.
Reduce the need for fixed space
Traditional headquarters suffer from a huge fluctuation in workforce presence. With Orbit, companies can focus on their core activities and let employees utilize external space to cover peaks and special needs.
Reduce commuting
An average worker in Oslo spends 150 hours in traffic jams every year. With Orbit they can use that time to be productive - and reduce their impact on the environment.
How it works
Orbit revolutionizes how people work and opens the door to smarter workplace experiences tailored to each team.
Satellite subscription
Give your employees unlimited access to vacant Orbit satellites. Using the app they can find the perfect space for the task at hand and let themselves in.
Rent out unsused space
Orbit enables you to rent out space outside of peak hours. This is not only good for your numbers, but a great benefit to the environment.
Boost team performance
The Service Store includes a curated set of services that boost performance for modern teams. Service availability is administrated by the team leader and charged to the company or employee.
Powerful admin tools
Manage your teams, their access, their budgets and everything needed to have controll over a decentralized workforce.
The first personal professional identity
Verified with BankID
Your Orbit identity is verified with BankID. This connects your digital identity to your true identity so we can provide a secure service.
Personal & professional
The Orbit identity belongs to the person and is linked to the company. When you change job your identity follows you.
Dynamic workday
We respect your privacy and personal data. There is no data sharing unless specifically stated by us and approved by you.