Your building. Supercharged.
Orbit is bringing buildings into the 21st century.
Unlock the power of Powered by Orbit
Maximize utilization
Unused space is a waste of revenue. Orbit tears down the access barrier and enables a smarter utilization of space
Get valuable insights
Data is valuable in the right context. Orbit uses data across buildings and users to provide insights tailored to the building.
Minimize management
Administration and manual processes are a source of frustration and mistakes. Let’s remove it.
Breakthrough access control
The Orbit experience is defined by seamless movement between spaces. To accomplish this we have developed a cloud based access system with proximity locks that opens if the user close to it has been granted access.
Universal booking system
No more hassle of booking administration and outdated booking systems. Orbit handles everything and is integrated with team and access management.
Service management
Give tenants access to selected services that increase productivity and satisfaction. Provide your own services in the Service Store to establish new revenue streams.
Rent out unsused space
Convert unused space and desks to satellites available to all Orbit users. Choose whether the satellite should be included in the Orbit subscription or whether it should only be available for hourly rentals.
New standard for security
Security is a top priority. Everyone must create an Orbit ID verified with Bank ID that connects the digital profile to the actual person. This way, Orbit can ensure that only the right people have access.