Standard Terms for Offering Satellites

Satellites are workspaces, meeting rooms and desks, available to all Orbit users with an Orbit Satellite subscription. Orbit does not have lease agreements itself, and all property available in Orbit comes from Providers with responsibility for their own premises.

Everyone who controls suitable work areas according to Orbit's standard and terms may offer Satellites through Orbit. The terms are the same for all Providers.

Terms for Locations

The location must be suitable for work and uphold a good standard. This is a subjective assessment made by Orbit. Examples may be WiFi, clean workspaces and surrounding areas (toilets, common space, kitchens etc.) but are considered based on the location.

The location must be easily accessible to Orbit users. Either with staffed reception, or with Orbit's access system (access system must be installed at your own cost).

The location must be representatively presented in an inviting way in the Orbit app. This means vocabulary, information and pictures. This is a subjective assessment made by Orbit.

Orbit reserves the right to remove or hide Satellites.

Making Satellites Available

Providers decide to what extent Satellites should be available for Orbit subscribers in their administration panel. This can be edited at any time.

Meeting rooms and dedicated spaces to be made available as Satellites must only use Orbit Booking. Orbit Booking is made available free of charge to other users.

Flexible seats without dedicated placement do not require Orbit booking. Instead, the Provider decides how many flexible seats they want to make available for Orbit subscriptions. It is the Provider's responsibility to ensure that these slots are available for Orbit subscriptions.

Provider decides what it costs to reserve Satellites.

Compensation for Satellites

Subscription revenues are shared equally between Providers based on usage. Providers are not compensated per hour, but according to the proportion of Orbit subscriptions have used their Satellites, minus the Orbit commission. Orbit commission is 15%.

Total income from subscriptions - 15% commission = Total payment to Providers

Hours used by Provider A / Total number of hours used on Satellites = Provider A's percentage

Total payment to Providers x Provider A's percentage = Provider A's payment

Revenue from reservations goes into its whole to the Provider of the relevant Satellite without commission.

Calculations of compensation and reservations are made at the end of each month and are paid to Providers with documentation within 14 days into the new month. Orbit reserves the right to defer payment in cases where it is considered reasonable. Anonymous data basis and calculation can be made available to the Provider.

Obligations and Termination

Provider is free to remove one or more of its Satellites from Orbit at any time. Users with an Orbit subscription will no longer be able to book these Satellites. The agreement is considered valid as long as there are one or more Satellites available in the Orbit app. Orbit is only liable to the Provider for damages caused by Orbit's gross negligence or willful misconduct. No compensation for indirect losses can be claimed.

Privacy and GDPR

All user data from the Orbit application and Orbit access control will be handled and administered by Orbit, but the Provider has full use rights to data connected to its own Premises in accordance with legislation and GDPR.

Providers will have access to anonymized information and statistics related to Orbit users. In cases where personal information is required to resolve a situation, such as property damage or accidents, Orbit regulates which data is to be shared by Users. In emergencies, the Facility Manager will have access to all information about who is in the building and where they are.

About Orbit's data processing:

Intellectual Property Rights

Orbit is the exclusive owner of the Orbit concept and Orbit Software, as well as know-how developed through the concept, solutions, customer adaptations and interfaces.

Unless otherwise expressly agreed, Orbit does not provide the Officer with any form of ownership, license, user rights or interests in Orbit's intellectual property rights, beyond what is strictly necessary for the proper use of Orbit's services.

Neither the Provider nor any of the Provider's personnel shall reverse, decompile or extract information about the Orbit Software or other of Orbit's intellectual property rights - without the prior written approval of Orbit.

Orbit has the right to store and use information received through the use of the Premises, the Orbit software and / or associated services, for product improvement and product development purposes, within the limits of applicable data protection legislation.

The Parties shall immediately notify each other of any breach or attempted breach of this clause in the Agreement, as well as other potential breaches of each other's intellectual property rights. The parties shall indemnify each other for all consequences of the other party's breach of this provision.

The Provider shall have unlimited liability for any loss suffered by Orbit, whether direct, indirect or consequential damages, as a consequence of the Provider's unauthorized use or distribution of intellectual property rights or by making these rights available to a third party, regardless of how this happens.