Is it time to ditch the traditional office lease? We think so.

August 23, 2022

It has been long believed that company culture is created around the office coffee machine. We don’t buy it. Sometimes you don’t have the luxury of time (or the desire) to talk to the people you meet there. (And it’s safe to say that the office coffee machine doesn’t normally brew stellar coffee, either.)

To challenge these (old school) beliefs, we have decided to walk the talk and go #noffice — this means we will not have a traditional office space for the next 3 months, and our team chooses where they work from. Some days it is from home, other days at various Orbit locations, like Home Workspace, Epicenter Oslo, Evolve and 657 Oslo.

Today, we met at Share Oslo. Here, the coffee is fresh, the atmosphere is cool, the ceilings are high, and upbeat music is played. 😊

Call us biased, but there are probably approximately 239842937 reasons to go #noffice but here are the top 6 reasons we have experienced for ourselves in the past few weeks:

  1. Building culture outside the traditional office
  2. Saving costs from not having an office lease
  3. Killing the commute, finding workspaces close to home, more work-life balance
  4. Networking. Meet new people! Less lonely than working from home 5x a week
  5. Finding inspiration in new places. Flexibility and options in workspaces
  6. Reducing “space waste” and being a more sustainable company

Would your company ever consider ditching the traditional office?

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