Orbit Space Exploration: Student Study Spaces

May 25, 2022

Orbit introduced an all-new reduced price for students. For only NOK 249 a month, students can access all Orbit Oslo locations. Now our "flexible workspaces at your fingertips" are "even more affordable study spaces at your fingertips."

Download the free Orbit app and discover inspiring study spaces.

We wanted to know how Orbit Student Study Spaces affect the routines, effectiveness and study- personal life balance of some of our subscribers, so, first, we did a little studying of our own and then we asked students about their experiences.

First we looked at some Scandinavian study habit research:

In August of 2021 the Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research published, "Study Habits and Procrastination: The role of Academic Self-Efficacy1."

In its summary section, "Limitations and Future Research," the report suggests that,

"Universities often arrange academic environments as “procrastination friendly,” especially for beginning students in open study programs (Svartdal et al., 20202). A large degree of individual freedom for the student, long deadlines, and ample opportunities to divert attention from academic tasks to more tempting alternatives easily induce procrastination, maybe especially so in students low in study skills and/or academic self-efficacy. Future studies should examine the role of such variables and the possibility of arranging academic life with less situational and contextual opportunities to procrastinate."

This Orbit Space Exploration post is neither a summary of the report's findings, nor is it an examination of the study habits of the students we interviewed — they're all conscientious arts, science and med school undergrads, who, like the rest of us, are redesigning and learning to balance their on- and off-campus, home- and away-from-home study study routines.

Then we checked our students' responses against 11 procrastination-busting benchmarks:

Insofar as the procrastination component of the study goes, in a 2017 article at Psychology Today by Elizabeth Lombardo, Ph.D, titled, "11 Ways to Overcome Procrastination3," our Orbit interviewees touched on seven of Dr. Lombardo's eleven suggestions:

  1. Get out your calendar. As affordable as an Orbit student subscription is, it does require you to commit to a time and place that are dedicated to study.
  2. Be realistic: Take your personal and work commitments into account so that your study time can be as distraction-free as possible.
  3. Chunk it. "[...] chunking breaks [...] information into manageable amounts that you can convert into your long-term memory." "Studying is a marathon, not a race, and it's important that you take plenty of breaks to keep you refreshed. Not only will you collapse under the weight of back-to-back all-day study sessions, but it's also an incredibly inefficient way to learn.4"
  4. Excuses be gone. In addition to your Orbit Study Space time commitment, being in a focused work environment holds you accountable to actually deliver on your study commitment. You can do this!
  5. Get a partner. In the words of BBC journalist and author, Oliver Burkeman, "Everyone is totally just winging it, all the time.5" From politicians to leaders of global corporations, all of us are "faking it till we make it," so having a sidekick for encouragement and to bounce around ideas with means you're not alone.
  6. Optimize your environment. Whatever it takes: whether it's natural light, modern architecture and furnishings or a culture match (or clash) find a space (or spaces) that reflect your study style.
  7. Reward good behaviour. From Oslo's coffee culture to nightlife, many of Orbit study spaces are just a few steps away from caffeinated breaks and post-study reward time.

Here are a handful of takeaways from what students told us:

It's so convenient to be able to study and work from a variety of places around Oslo. For example, when I look after my mom’s dog I'm only a short walk from Sophie. Oh, and I'm on a mission to find the Orbit space with the most, best, hippest coffee shop options? Yum! I also study like a dog with a bone. There's that. — Frida S

The fact that I'm in a space that's committed to productivity and designed (beautifully I have to say!) with dedicated quiet space, super-fast Internet and a community feel, has been a huge boost to my motivation when prepping for my exams. #ginainorbit — Gina H

Digital meetings and working remotely are effective and I love the workspace I've created at home — It's totally me! —  but I so need to get out periodically and be around three-dimensional people for the social interaction and inspiration. Orbit frees me up to do both; on my schedule and within my student budget. — Nora R

Almost everyone I know  finds it challenging to get motivated to study, even at exam time. The fact that Orbit spaces and the mix of people working and studying in them are getting things done is super inspiring. I'm planning to try a new space each week until I find the one that's most Frida-friendly! I couldn't have afforded to be so adventurous without the fixed monthly student rate. Thanks Orbit! — Frida S

Even if I only check in to an Orbit study space once or twice a week it's still affordable on my student budget. To be honest, I kind of feel like I'm some kind of executive in these classy surroundings. The flexibility of working from different spaces at a fixed monthly price changes things up — for me, the variety of people and perspectives really bolster my creativity. And when I'm not Orbiting, the un-executive me doesn't complain about working from home doing focused work in sweatpants. It's a win-win for both of 'us.' — Gina H

My boyfriend lives in a shared apartment so rather than trying to focus on research and studying  when I'm there (Impossible!) I have a handful of Orbit options within walking distance and even more just a short bike ride or Ruter trip away. And, of course there's the after-study life in the city! — Frida S

It's not just the atmosphere of the Orbit study and workspaces that motivates me; booking a space with a friend or fellow student means that I get up and out of the house early and we make a day of it: from the boost you get being in the capital of Scandinavian coffee culture to the energy I get from bouncing ideas of my colleague. It's an entirely different orbit than slounging around the house in my, well, slounge-wear. — Nora R

This is probably going to sound like Orbit is paying me for this testimonial but they're not. The Orbit experience (and the mostly-over pandemic) has completely changed my study schedule. Seriously! Finding and booking Orbit Spaces with the app takes seconds. I just log in, choose a study space and click reserve. Like it says on the site, 'That's it.' — Frida S

We'd love to tell your Orbit study space story. To find yourself featured in a future edition of the Orbit blog, message emily@getorbit.com

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