Things to do in Oslo for remote workers

February 15, 2022

Starting the day

First things first, Norwegian take their coffee culture seriously. This means you will likely find a good cup of joe on every other street corner. However, there are a few places that the locals frequent, because the coffee is just … better.


Known for having the best brew in town, Stockfleths serves up high-quality coffee and treats for you to grab on your way to Evolve Vulkan, or 657 Oslo. The local chain has roots all the way back to 1895 and has helped to shape the new Norwegian coffee culture as we know it today. We recommend their drip coffee of the day or their matcha latte with oat milk.


This local chain is known for its consistently great coffee and baked treats if you're feeling peckish. Kaffebrenneriet has locations all over town, but we especially love their location next to KPMG Tårn in Majorstuen. They have between 16 and 20 different types of coffee in bulk and guarantee freshness and quality in the entire range. We recommend their iced lattes, chia pudding with homemade granola, and croissants.

Lunch Time

Koie Ramen

A good spot to catch up with friends and colleagues, slurp up a bowl of ramen and maybe enjoy a cheeky tumbler of sake. Koie feels like a refreshing step outside of the hustle and bustle of the city. We recommend their Torgatta location while working from Epicenter Oslo.


Mathallen Oslo is situated in the vibrant Vulkan neighborhood — right between east and west in Oslo’s city center. The hall is a foodie’s paradise with more than 30 specialty shops, cafés, and eateries that offer high-quality products and dishes. It’s a great place to enjoy anything from a quick lunch to a complete evening out with food and drinks. Perfect if you’d like to eat different things. Our favorite is the tacos from Breddo´s, located in the northeast corner of the building.

After-work drinks

Skaal Matbar

This hot spot is known for its natural wines and sharing plates. Skaal is near both Evolve Vulkan and 657 Oslo and has both indoors and outdoors, but does not take reservations. We recommend trying their orange wine and cheesy toast with jalapenos.

Beer Palace

If you are looking for an informal, buzzy spot to unwind after work, Beer Palace is the place for you. It has one of Oslo’s best selections of beer, two shuffleboard tables, darts, sports on the telly, and good vibes. Take the short walk to this cozy brown pub after a day of working at either Henrik Ibsens Gate 42 or Parkveien 53b spaces.

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