Pivotal office technology
Reducing space waste and empowering workers.
Your new office is everywhere
Spaces orbiting you
Orbit turns unused space into satellite workspaces for you to access wherever you are.
For the task at hand
Whether it’s desk work or an important presentation, Orbit got the space for you.
Book. Enter. That’s it.
Frictionless access
Orbit is a unifying layer on top of modern access systems, enabling frictionless access across locations.
Invite guests
Grant access to your guests with ease.
Get the most out of your workday
Fuel performance
Make sure you and your team have everything needed to perform optimally. Right from the Orbit app.
Get around
Orbit helps you find the fastest and easiest transportation to your booked space.
Your personal professional ID
Yours forever
The Orbit identity is personal. When you change job your identity follows you.
The Orbit Metal Card
For the first time we have merged identity, access and payment in a single card
Team management
Get the most out of your workday
Access and permissions
With the Orbit Admin panel, you can empower your team without losing control.
Powerful budgeting
Budgets and purchase categories can be defined on both individual and team level.
Orbit Bases
The office is changing. We are ahead.
Forget about static lease contracts and the restraints of brick and mortar. Orbit Bases is your very own office, adapting to the ever-changing needs of your team.
Pay per user
We go beyond square meters and focus on what matters the most: people.
Move anytime
Choose an office for today, not tomorrow. We help you move when your needs change.
Fully equiped
Furniture, internet, cleaning: everything is set up for you when you move in.