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Insights and admin

See how your workspaces are being used in real-time.

We're simplifying office management
for owners and tenants

We're simplifying
office management
for owners and tenants

Bookings and insights made easy

Bookings and

insights made easy

Enjoy these benefits

Orbit Mission Control modernizes the tenant's experience within an office building or workspace, streamlines building management by automating daily processes and increases potential revenue.

Get a quick overview

From big picture to detailed views on workspace utilization: know which days are busiest and how many are present each day.

Booking system

Easily look up people, spaces, and booking statuses.

Access control

Grant and remove access in real-time.

Team Insights

Take the guess work out of hybrid work: See who is coming to the office on which days.

What our users say


My Elfstrand

Business Manager, Epicenter

"We want to be able to welcome everyone, even if it is just for a day or a few hours. By using Orbit, we are able to offer this seamlessly. People can download the Orbit app, and we are ready to welcome them the Epicenter way; with open arms."

Roar Smelhus

Founder, Home Workspace

"Data is very important for the development of my company and my co-working spaces. That's why I cooperate with Orbit, they provide me with a tool that provides me with my building's data which helps me make better choices."

Merlinda Dresh

Operations Manager, Evolve

"Comparing utilization rates between buildings is a measurement that we at Evolve have been waiting for, now we have it with Orbit."

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